Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) Ankle Strap
Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) Ankle Strap
Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) Ankle Strap
Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) Ankle Strap

Brazilian Butt Express (BBE) Ankle Strap

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BBE ankle strap is the most versatile and comfortable strap that can easily be attached to any cable (or cable pulley) machine.

Attach your BBE ankle strap to the cable machine, place your foot in the strap and begin to perform the best Brazilian Butt Express moves for a hotter BUTT.

Our straps distribute the weight evenly and do not move up and down your ankle as you perform your set.  This is unlike the traditional ankle straps you are used to finding in gyms.

Our BBE ankle straps are made in Brazil and are not sold anywhere else in Australia.

Our straps are made from the highest quality materials and have extra strong sewing to ensure your straps will outlast you.

BBE straps are suitable for personal and business use. From bikini models to bodybuilding strength training.

The ultimate ankle strap in the Fitness Industry, now in Australia. 

BBE takes no responsibility for the sore BUTT you will get after using our unique BBE ankle strap!

Composition:  PVC Screen, Polypropylene Tape and steel buckle. 

Size:  One size fits all

Limited stock available. 

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Brazilian Butt Express Ankle Strap


Ankle Strap For Cable Machine Australia

"What's more annoying than men staring at women lifting weights? Not putting their weights back where they belong? Or the lack of essential accessories at gyms?

While I have the ability to ignore problems a) and b), the one thing that annoys me the most at the gym is the lack of accessories.

Forget about booty bands or ankle weights. Australia is far from having those available to their gym members.

Let's talk basics: Cable Glute Kickback!

While I do not understand, I can accept that gyms don't offer a set of ankle weights as they have a dumbbell set. But I find hard to accept how most gyms still don't offer good quality ankle straps for cable machines.

Gym owners clearly never tried using the traditional handles to perform any type of cable kickbacks.

The metal clanging of each set is a no no when it comes to gym etiquette. That noise is worse than grunting!

If you're lucky you may find the old school ankle strap that is in form of a belt. The problem with those is that they rub around your ankle like there's no tomorrow, even when you wear long pants.

I already train damn hard to want any extra discomfort or annoyance added to my session, Thanks!

I wouldn't want to buy a Rebel Sport ankle strap or an ankle strap Kmart neither.

I understand my values too well for that and quality is one of them. Better, but fewer and doing things with intention is how I choose to live my life.

This is not flashy but the true story why I created my product.

Brazilian Butt Express ankle strap fits by sliding your foot in and out. The design locks your foot in place regardless of the amount you lift. Even the strongest bodybuilders can be sure to improve their performance.

It's as described simple to use, durable, can't beat it for quality, performs well, it's compact and no noise!

I'm passionate and proud about my product because it bloody works like no other in the market.

Add the best booty equipment to your gym bag. Watch your booty grow and please help that girl struggling on the cable machine next to you!"

Ana Coppola