FAQ - So…Is BBE right for you?!

1.  I have never trained before. Is BBE a good starting point?

Ana: ‘With so much ‘Health and Fitness’ information out there, it can be hard to know what’s the best program for you to follow.  BBE will be the perfect option if you would like to target and tone your BUTT. You can also expect to lose weight and tone up overall.  If you are beginning to step into the fitness world you have nothing to worry about since BBE is an easy to follow program. Each movement of this ebook is accompanied by step-by-step photos where I break down the movement so that you are able to understand and apply correct technique.‘

2.  I’m used to weight training. Will BBE be too easy for me?

Ana: ‘It is important to change your training style to recruit different fiber tissues to achieve optimal results. Even if you do heavy weight lifting you will be surprised with the effect of BBE program. I guaranteed you will activate your BUTT muscles in a whole new and different manner. It might be like a burning sensation (almost like a cramp) that will most certainly ‘call’ the muscles and spike your next weight sessions.'  Decrease the rest time to increase the workout intensity.  BBE will be as hard as you make it.

3.  How will BBE help tone my butt?

Ana: ‘BBE is an entire program that targets the BUTT. My Brazilian obsession with BUTT training and my extensive work with clients allowed me to come up with this ‘ultimate Brazilian BUTT technique’ as reviewed and featured by the ‘What’s New in Fitness’ magazine - 2015 Summer edition. I came up with this workout concept through my own training experience to improve my own BUTT. I have also been using this concept with a wide number of clients that aimed to achieve different fitness goals. From hip rehabilitation to weight loss and muscle growth this system is proven to work with great success.'

4.  I don’t want a big butt. Will BBE make my butt look bigger?

Ana: ‘My BBE program consists of body weight exercises only. Most of the exercises selected isolate the BUTT muscles. By following the amount of sets, tempo and rest recommended, BBE will mostly recruit the superficial fiber tissues of your BUTT muscle, which is ideal for toning and firming.’

5.  I want to grow my butt. Is BBE good for me?

Ana: ‘As an international Fitness Model with experience both at INBA and IFBB, I have been using my BBE exclusive technique to shape my BUTT. At times when I drop a considerable amount of body fat it’s fair to say my BUTT gets too small for my liking. BBE certainly helped me with growth as I would use my program one day before my weighted BUTT and/or leg session. By firing up my muscles on the day before, they were wide awake for my weight workout where I could emphasize even more the BUTT activation. As I also mention in the ebook, BBE consists of unique movements that isolate the BUTT muscles, which is essential to bodybuilding.’

6.  I don’t have any weights at home and I’m not a member of a gym.  Will I need to buy any equipment to follow the entire BBE program?

Ana: ‘ BBE program does not require you to use any equipment . All exercises are body weight based.  There are a few movements that require a bench, however steady home furniture such as a lounge or a chair can be adapted and used. Most parks will also have a steady public bench where you can safely perform those exercises.'

7.  I have never seen some of the BBE exercises before. Will I be able to perform them correctly just by following the exercises explanation?

Ana: ‘As an experienced personal trainer with over 10 years in the Fitness Industry, including the rehabilitation sector, I’m very conscious about the importance of correct exercise technique. BBE exercise descriptions were carefully written so anyone could properly follow. Within my BBE program I also break down all exercises in a number of step-by-step photos so you can confidently and safely perform the movements and achieve optimal results.’

8.  I squat really heavy. How would BBE be beneficial to my training?

Ana: ‘If the reason you squat is to work on your BUTT, BBE is perfect for you. BBE consists mainly of isolation exercises for the BUTT. To take more advantage of the heavy squats I recommend you to try my BBE program either as a fantastic warm up or on your previous ‘leg day’ workout or even on your ‘rest day’. BBE exclusive exercises will fire up your BUTT muscles so when you squat, your muscles are ready to work really hard with your legs. Since BBE exercises are body weight only, you don’t have to stress with muscle fatigue. BBE is the absolute perfect add to your heavy sessions!’

9.  How often should I follow each week’s program?

Ana: ‘It will all depend on your current training schedule and level of experience. It could be anything from two to five times a week. BBE will be a great addition to your weight training. If you already have a training routine that involves weight lifting, BBE will be a positive add. As per recovery time, 24 hours between each BBE session is recommended. You can fit in your weight sessions in between the BBE program, especially if you are trying to recruit those BUTT muscles even more. For beginners, you may want to start with two to three sessions a week, giving your self enough time to recover. I advise you to increase the volume of your BBE training as you feel the recovery time is speeding up.'

10.  What if I didn’t get an email to download the BBE ebook or it says the download limit was exceeded?

Ana: ‘Don't panic, whatever you do please don't panic… we mustn't scare the children.  I'm happy you got the book and are excited to get started on obtaining a new and better BUTT. Sorry for the hassle, but if for any reason you didn’t get my email with your download details please send me an email at info@brazilianbuttexpress.com or contact me on any of my social media sites (links on homepage footer). I will send you an email with the BBE ebook as an attachment.  Please email me if you were unable to get your BBE ebook due to the Download limit being exceeded.  This can occur if your internet connection is interrupted.'

11.  I have previous injuries. Do you recommend BBE would be good for me?

Ana: ‘During my first competition prep, I was struggling with a bad knee injury. I could hardly go though my ‘leg day’ workout. Thanks to my BBE system that I implemented to my training prep, I managed to get results and keep up with my intense training while avoiding further aggravating my injury. I placed 2nd at the Queensland TROPIX 2013 at the fitness tall class division. My BBE program is impact and weight-free, which reduces the risk of injuries significantly while still being very effective and results proven. If you had or still have injuries, I advise you to take the time to carefully read my instructions such as ‘maintaining hip alignment and knee track’ while performing the moves. If you follow BBE with care, it will most likely be beneficial to your injury. I have been successfully using my BBE program with clients trying to rehabilitate from back and hip problems, which most times are related to glutes activation difficulty. Actor Charlie Clausen (‘Home and Away’), had brilliant results in just a few weeks. BBE also provides you with step-by-step movement photos, which will allow you to discuss the program with your physician.  There are however serious injuries that will prevent you from doing BBE.  I recommend you consult your physician before starting the BBE program.’

12.  How much space does BBE require me to have to perform the moves?

Ana: ‘Most BBE movements require minimum space. Just enough for you to be able to lay down on the floor and move your legs around. Other exercises will require a steady bench or chair, where you should be able to stand up. I love doing my BBE program outdoors when the weather is nice. You will find suitable steady benches in most parks or beaches.’

13.  How much time do I need to commit to achieve results?

Ana: ‘Each BBE session will ideally be performed in a total of 20 minutes. Take into account that every time you start a new BBE program it may take you a little longer since you have to read the instructions as well get familiar with the new movements. For safe and optimal results, take your time to read the instructions and analyze the step-by-step photos.’

14.  I’m taken over 20 minutes to perform my program. Am I still going to achieve results?

Ana: ‘It’s common to take longer if you are just starting a new BBE program, since you must first read all instructions and get your self familiar with each movement. Don’t stress out if you are taking longer than 20 minutes. My advise as a personal trainer is to never sacrifice technique for intensity or speed. Rushing through any program will most likely not bring you the results you want. The better the technique, the more advantage you will take from your workout. On top of all, good technique will certainly help with the right muscle activation.’


'If you still have questions about my BBE program, I'd love to hear from you!  Drop me an email or contact me on any of my social media sites.  Links are located below in the footer.  I will personaly reply to your question within 24 hours.' Ana