Brazilian Butt Express eBook & Ankle Strap Bundle

Brazilian Butt Express eBook & Ankle Strap Bundle

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Brazilian Butt Express eBook v2  - A Small Step to a Big Change

Embark on a transformational journey with ‘Ana’s Brazilian Butt Makeover’! Dive into this 10-week program, meticulously crafted to sculpt and enhance your derriere.

Brazilian Butt Express Ankle Strap

The most versatile and comfortable strap that can easily be attached to any cable (or pulley) machine. Our straps distribute the weight evenly and do not move up and down your ankle as you perform your set. This is unlike the traditional; straps you are used to finding in gyms. 

The ankle strap will be shipped within 2 business day and you will receive the latest version of the Brazilian Butt Express eBook instantly.