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Ana Coppola created Coppola Training & Health Coaching in Sydney, after studying and working internationally as a personal trainer. In an industry that sometimes can become orientated towards the quick fix solution, she has crafted her studies and passion, to provide a service that seeks to first truly understand the circumstance and needs of clients, before designing a program.

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Floatation Therapy

Floatation Therapy

"Being in fantastic shape means nothing if you aren't happy or in great shape mentally. I put a high level of importance on stress management and my ability to connect with myself. My secret to achieving this is done by the use of a floatation tank. I believe in it so much that I not only recommend it to all my clients, but I opened a float tank centre to have 24/7 access to the tank. Float tanks offer a unique atmosphere that is not found anywhere on earth. This atmosphere neutralises gravity and removes external stimulation so your brain doesn't have to process anything from outside your body. Finally some relaxation. 25 cm of Epsom Salt water heated to the temperature of your skin makes you float effortlessly. The tank was designed to remove all sight, sound, touch and gravity. The epsom salt along with the lack of gravity and excess stimulation means you can relax and let your body restore itself." Ana Coppola 

People who float usually do so for the following purposes:

-Stress Release and Relaxation
-Pain Management and Relief
-Learning and Creativity
-Athletic Performance and Muscle Recovery
-Beautification and Weight Loss
-Meditation and a Deep Sense of Being

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