Ana Coppola

      Hi, I'm Ana Coppola. Celebrity personal trainer, Gladiator Australia S1 contender, Australia Ninja Warrior - season 5 contestant, founder and author of Brazilian Butt Express.

My mission is to assist you on your journey to achieving the butt of your dreams!

With the help of over 12 years in the Fitness Industry, I put together the BBE ebook where I share the signature training programs I use with Celebrities across the globe.

Each session takes 20 minutes and can be done with little to no equipment from the comfort of your home.

And if you are a gym fanatic or have access to a home gym during lockdown, don't you worry. I've got your back ...

I mean, your butt !

The BBE Ankle Strap it's the most versatile and comfortable strap and has been carefully designed and manufactured in Brazil with high quality material providing you with the comfort and durability that you deserve. 

Trainers, individuals, commercial and private gyms globally are currently using the BBE Ankle Strap that can easily be attached to any cable (or cable pulley) machine.

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