What Life is Really About ...

What Life is Really About ...

Today I went on my first motorbike ride carrying my unrestricted riding license. 

What could mean nothing to some people, meant everything to me.

It brought me memories. It gave me butterflies. It reminded me of how it feels when a seemingly impossible dream come true (keep them coming!). 

From having never ridden a push bike to having a full motorbike license. Only I know all the sweat, tears, anxieties and fear I had to face in order to make this happen. 

Every single obstacle, each bruise, all the embarrassing moments... ALL worth it. My tears today are full of joy and hope.

No words can describe what I’m feeling right now. 

I am so proud of myself! 

Thank you to the person who stole my car back when my journey started. It was the biggest motivation to pursue my dream. 

People can take everything from you but they can not take your resilience. 



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu ... just remember that. 


To my friends who ever helped me or supported me in any way, you will forever be in my heart. 

To all of you, THANKS for following my journey.