The Secret of Talking to Self Genius

The Secret of Talking to Self Genius

Yes I do talk to myself ! Do you ?

I hope so because according to science, this type of ‘ craziness ’ is no longer necessarily regarded as a social no-no. Instead it can be linked to creativity and geniality ( ‘ Thank you, Ana! ’ ) . 

If you are one of those people who enjoy having an inner dialogue, repeating things you have to do/ lists you must remember or even swearing in situations of anger when you are alone ... then, you’re not alone ! ... or crazy !

It’s scientifically proven that people who talk to themselves are more likely to :

  1. memorise better , 
  2. stay focused and 
  3. have more clear and organised thoughts than others .

According to Harvard studies, creative people have less subconscious capability of ignoring unimportant stimuli than others . Although genius people pay attention to everything, they give different meanings to what’s common such as ‘ to speak to themselves ‘ . Greek Philosophy would call such outrageous, unexpected or unpredictable behaviour as ‘ divine madness ’ . 

Just as Albert Einstein, who reported to constantly repeat his sentences to himself, people who talk to themselves are highly proficient and count on only themselves to figure out what they need ( ' Bless self - reliance! ' ).

Now, go ahead and have a little chat - out loud and proud ! 

Listen to your inner voice because when you do so, you are more likely to, not only make more conscious choices and become self- reliant , but also become smarter as this practice activates your brain sensory mechanisms to work more efficiently by associating a ‘word’ with an image, therefore helping you memorise things better .