Living in the Past vs Introspection

Living in the Past vs Introspection

We all know those people who can only talk about past experiences and memories as if their future could never be as good as what they left behind.  

There are also those who cling to their traumas and bad experiences finding it hard to face their present situation, make a plan to solve their current problems and basically move on with their lives. I, myself, have been there at least once. 

As hard as it is we’ve gotta ‘let things go’, as they say. 

The thing is tho, it is totally ok and healthy to reflect about moments, ‘fuck ups’ or achievements that happened in the past. 

Specially if the intention is to reflect and learn about ourselves or simply to think about pleasant moments that can bring us joy. 

Introspection does not mean you're living in the past. So let’s just clarify this while we are bombarded with social media quotes telling us to ‘be present’. I do love and share those too. However it is important to know the difference.

It’s valid and noble to act curiously towards our personal growth. Spending time in introspection and coming up with conclusions about how much we’ve changed, the things we did ‘right’ and the things we could (and can) do better... allow us to not only learn from the past and accept and appreciate the present, but also help us to create a clear vision for the future we hope for.

As I’ve recently had an article published at  the Daily Mail featuring how I helped one of my celebrity client’s - Pia Miller - getting into shape, I couldn’t help but to think about how it all started.

I’m grateful for crossing paths with the beautiful (inside and out) human Pia and with so many of my wonderful clients, friends, sponsors and supporters. However today, amongst so many thoughts and conclusions made, I feel beyond grateful for have met and worked with my first celebrity client, good friend and life advisor - Charlie Clausen

This pic was taken back in 2016 when I prepared Charlie to the prestigious Celebrity Men’s Health Man of the Year Award. 

Charlie transformed his body back then and to this date, his discipline and commitment to fitness continues to inspire all those around him. 

I’m grateful for Charlie’s trust and commitment to my work through the years.