HOW-TO make your home-gym work? Even if you don't have one...

HOW-TO make your home-gym work? Even if you don't have one...
1. Treat your workout-hour the same way whether you are 'in' or 'out' of a lockdown.
- Regardless of the location, THAT still is your sacred time.
A time of 'self-care', a 'feel-good' time and it should be treated with respect since it's directly related to both your physical and mental health and I'm not sure what in the world is more important than that!
2. Plan your workouts.
- Not keen to plan every single exercise in advance?
Neither am I and that's ok. Hopefully you are then keen to plan the times of each day you will block for training.
- Is your diary upside down due to lockdown or shift work and you can't plan that either? 
Fine, so plan what days of the coming week you can fit your sessions in.
By all means, PLAN SOMETHING.
You can't just tell your self you'll start a training regime and expect a miracle. 
3. Either follow your old ritual or create a new one around your workout-hour.
- Did you have the habit of having a shower before or after the gym? Did you have special outfits you would wear each time? Did you do your hair? Make up? 
- How about a pre-workout meal? Maybe a coffee to give your energy levels a kick? Did you take any supplements to enhance your performance or speed your recovery?
- Was you a member of a group class or always thought about it?
Great! It's time to join an online community and keep that going for you.
- Did you have a coach but training face-to-face is no longer safe?
Not a problem. Myself and many others have created online solutions such as Zoom meeting classes and private sessions.
Why not try a virtual one-on-one session instead of simply blowing up all the hard work? 
The idea is to stick to the routine as a whole. If you have to adapt, then so be it! And if you're looking to improve or to start a fitness routine, remember:
There will never be a better time than NOW.