How Do You Feel When You Come Home?

How Do You Feel When You Come Home?

Do you feel happy, lighter, motivated? Or do you feel tired and restless?

If you don’t feel positive while at home or if you’d like to optimise this feeling so you can feel more energised and productive then you might benefit from balance through Feng Shui which can also lead to a balance in your mind.

Removing clutter in your home has also proven to reduce clutter in your mind allowing you to relax and have ideas flow more freely, making it easy for you to make decisions.

Colours can also affect your mood and should be taken in consideration when trying to create and improve the flow of chi.

Feng Shui is the idea of living in harmony with the 5 natural elements in the world which have the power to raise the vibration of your home and work place.

I’m grateful I had Master Lok Tin feng shui my new apartment and my home gym with the purpose of maximise its natural flow and provide the best possible performance environment for both myself and my guests. 

Master Lok Tin, located in Melbourne, is luckily available worldwide for video consultations.