Having Fun is Sexy.

Having Fun is Sexy.

Having fun, according to researcher Gary Chick, is sexy.  

Both men and women are more attracted to people who appear to be having fun, as it symbolises a playful personality, youth and health.

In a society where ‘doing things’ and ‘proving ourselves’ consumes most of our time and minds, it’s rare to do things without thought, simply for the fun they bring. 

The good news is that ‘fun’ doesn’t necessarily involve getting wasted or booking a fancy holiday. It can be anything that provides YOU with pleasure! A spontaneous walk, a visit to the museum, reading a book, watching a movie, catching up with a friend, having a beer (or 10), dancing in the rain, admiring the sunset, a bath, going to a concert, a gateway, having sex... 

Whatever fun means to YOU! Regardless of whether you ‘fit in’ or not.

Setting and achieving goals are always great but allocating time to relax is just as important as it allows us to remove ourselves from the pressures of everyday living.