Breathing: A Sign of Life ...

Breathing: A Sign of Life ...

Of all of the body's functions, breathing - although primarily unconscious - is unique since many aspects of its autonomic system can come under “conscious” control. 

“The relationship between respiratory patterns and personal experiences is a basic feature of how our bodies function. 

Our emotions are clearly expressed through our breathing via changes in rhythm, depth, location, or regularity. If the immediate future is uncertain and the next breath depends on what happens next, the rhythm is lost.

Being in touch with breathing and the spontaneity of breathing is a unique way of accessing our own emotions. Controlled breathing can be a way of avoiding our own feelings and reactions. Bodily experience is a fundamental aspect of emotion, because emotion links the mind and the body. 

The simplest kind of consciousness, core consciousness, provides the sense of one moment—now—and about one place—here. 

That’s why to be relaxed is so important for reflection.”  

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Based on study by Professors K Ekerholt, Astrid Bergland (Division of Physiotherapy, Oslo University) and Oxford Academy