Are You Impatient? Frustrated? Not Seeing Results?

You Too Can Learn How To Handle Your Weight Loss Struggles:

Are You Impatient? Frustrated? Not Seeing Results? <br /><br />You Too Can Learn How To Handle Your Weight Loss Struggles:
If you live in deprivation, rush and fear of stepping on the scales, it's time to manage your expectations. Because good things do come to those who wait.

Putting the extra kgs which you are now trying to lose, was so gradual that I bet you don’t even remember how long it took. Do we not agree?

But stubbornness isn't the key to any door. ❌

The best way to achieve long term weight loss is to understand and accept that losing weight is a process. A process that, like every other: takes time. ⏰

Better than any amount of cardio, weights or mobility combined is striving to be patient.

The word 'patience' comes from the Latin 'patientia', which means “to suffer, to bear.”

Patience involves empathetically assuming some personal discomfort to reduce the suffering of those around you.

When you think about patience or the lack of it, you probably remember the angry driver, the annoyed parent or the rude customer. But when it comes to weight loss it's not so much about others as much as it is about yourself.

Patience is the ability to wait without agitation. It’s the capacity to delay gratification in honour of a better future and in spite of the hardships that come along the way.

To be patient is to keep alive the conviction that you can reach the top even when your view isn’t clear.

Patience is kind but it's powerful.

Patience is scarce but it's admirable.

Patience is slow but it's precise.

Patience will not let you deviate neither to the right nor to the left.

Patience is free. You can practice and you can learn it.

Follow your plan, work hard and always remember:

Where patience ends, endurance begins.